Cam Taylor

Be inspired. Be focused. Be tenacious.

7 Essential Qualities for Climbing Life’s Mountains

Inspiration sometimes comes in small packages. That is certainly true when I think of the impact of Alison Levine. At 5’ 4”, she is much larger than her physical size. As a mountaineer and polar explorer, Alison Levine stands head and shoulders above the crowd. She is tireless in her curiosity and willingness to navigate unthinkable […]

The Power of a Made-up Mind

He who cherishes a beautiful vision, a lofty ideal in his heart, will one day realize it. — James Allen To achieve a worthwhile dream, there is an essential element needed — a “made-up mind.” In other words, there is power in a made-up mind! One should never underestimate what can happen when we make […]

Learning to Live with Some Tension

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were easy solutions to life’s complex problems? Unfortunately, we live in a world where that is usually not possible. In the book The Road to Character, there’s a comparison between the message of President Eisenhower and President J.F. Kennedy. Eisenhower lived and taught that we need to learn how to […]

Gratitude’s Pathway

There is an activity that improves health, enriches relationships, creates peace in the soul, causes greater contentment, and improves the quality of sleep. It’s an activity that is easy yet can become swallowed by life and circumstances. The activity is the act of expressing gratitude. I came to realize lately how it was way too […]

Stop Blaming Your Circumstances

Every once in a while, words hit extremely close to home. The following quote by George Bernard Shaw were such words. When I heard them, I was caught red handed and knew I needed to make a change. I want to tell you the quote and then take you through my thinking process — line […]

The Mountain Man Who Didn’t Quit

To have a dream and a plan to achieve it is not enough. You also need the effort to accomplish that dream. What idea, dream or pursuit are you trying to bring to fruition? Raising a child? Nurturing a business to viability? Developing a talent? Writing a book? Building a healthy relationship? Regaining strength after […]

Flexibility – GIYC part 4

Flexibility is a requirement for survival. ― Roger Von Oech Without flexibility, we can’t digest the tough assignments life sends our way. This quality is one of the eight gritty qualities needed to survive in life (as described by Robert Luckadoo*). The other seven are: diligence, tenacity, optimism, discipline, resilience, confidence, and purpose. The case […]

How to Maintain Optimism in a Dream Crushing World

An experiment conducted in 1967 resulted in a fascinating discovery. The experiment placed five monkeys in a cage with a bunch of bananas hanging high out of reach. Up against the wall, however, was a ladder could be used to climb up and reach the bananas. It didn’t take long for the monkeys to spot […]

What Are You Not Doing?

You learn to swim by swimming. You learn courage by couraging. — Mary Daly, as quoted by Brene Brown When you learned to ride a bike, you didn’t wait until you could ride a bike to start learning. You jumped in long before you could ride. Then we grow up and some where along the […]

Pick Me! Pick Me!

When a kitten gets into trouble, his mother comes and gently picks him up by the neck rescuing him and taking him to safety.  A baby monkey, on the other hand, has no choice but to grab onto the back of his mother if he wants to make an escape. One is rescued; the other […]