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Four Attitudes and Actions to Overcome Hoarding

Gary had a problem. He was a hoarder.* You see, Gary was a US letter carrier who was caught by a customer in the act of stashing 1500 pieces of mail behind a dumpster. When confronted, he had all kinds of excuses that he described as legitimate reasons for his actions. “I have health challenges […]

Learning to Live with Some Tension

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were easy solutions to life’s complex problems? Unfortunately, we live in a world where that is usually not possible. In the book The Road to Character, there’s a comparison between the message of President Eisenhower and President J.F. Kennedy. Eisenhower lived and taught that we need to learn how to […]

The Mountain Man Who Didn’t Quit

To have a dream and a plan to achieve it is not enough. You also need the effort to accomplish that dream. What idea, dream or pursuit are you trying to bring to fruition? Raising a child? Nurturing a business to viability? Developing a talent? Writing a book? Building a healthy relationship? Regaining strength after […]

Tenacity – GIYC part 2

Without GIYC (grit in your craw), you are unable to digest life’s challenges. With GIYC, you rise every time you fall, keep going when tempted to quit, and maintain hope when circumstances overwhelm. In this post, we look at GIYC quality #2 — tenacity. The eight qualities (as described by Robert Luckadoo*) are diligence, tenacity, […]

Diligence – GIYC part 1

Since birds have no teeth, they need a way to digest their food which is why they have a “craw” or gizzard in their throat. They fill it with grit – small stones, grain and sand which serves to grind up food before it reaches the stomach. In life, we need grit in our craw […]

What Are You Not Doing?

You learn to swim by swimming. You learn courage by couraging. — Mary Daly, as quoted by Brene Brown When you learned to ride a bike, you didn’t wait until you could ride a bike to start learning. You jumped in long before you could ride. Then we grow up and some where along the […]

The Mindset You Can’t Live Without

One of the supporting walls needed when rebuilding your life after a major setback, injury, or reversal is a proper mindset. The right mindset makes the journey back promising – the wrong mindset, makes the journey back dreadful. “You are what you are and where you are because of what has gone into your mind. […]

My Linchpin Manifesto

I want to thank Seth Godin for his inspiration and encouragement to write my Linchpin Manifesto. Here is the one he wrote with permission to pass along to others. I encourage you to write your own. NOW is the time to STEP UP. I am an artist. • I take initiative • I am on a […]

Six Proven Ways to Regain Momentum

Momentum is your friend. If you have it, be grateful. If you’ve lost it, be intentional and get it back. No one said regaining momentum was easy but there is a pathway for getting it back. mo•men•tum – noun the strength or force that something has when it is moving the strength or force that […]

Busting the Greener Grass Syndrome

There’s an old saying that often appears true, “The grass is greener on the other side of the fence.” We fall victim to this limiting belief whenever we start thinking that life would be better if we had what we see others holding in their hands (circumstances, opportunity, possessions, talent, or success). The contrary truth […]