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Why Read Detour?

Detour is a book written to give practical help to those facing adversity and setbacks in life.

When your life gets rerouted there’s a word you need to add to your vocabulary – opporversity. It’s not in the dictionary, but it has a definite meaning: “the thriving partnership between opportunity and adversity.”

Detour teaches you how to lean into your challenges and search for a deeper purpose. You’ll be inspired to persevere, change, forgive, grieve, and cultivate meaningful connections.

The journey you weren’t expecting            Detour Book

We all set out on a journey in life expecting things to go well. Unfortunately, without exception, that journey we expect turns into something quite different.

The unexpected journey is the detour. Detours create seasons of adversity, loss, and hardship that change us. When the road we are on ends, often uncertainty is what comes next.

Cam didn’t expect a terrible highway accident to enrich his role as a navigator, but the “lifelong learner” chose not to waste his suffering.  He has found powerful ways to impact others through his exposed brokenness.  Cam’s book is a treasure chest of meaningful quotes, but more importantly, it provides a vulnerable testimony from the deepest places of Cam’s “messy middle.” Men especially will appreciate the raw wrestling with this “rebounder” to a new normal after tragedy or loss. I love this book and it’s potent spiritual encouragement! – Moira Brown, Talk Show Host, 100 Huntley Street

Detour tells my story of how the road I was traveling on ended abruptly due to a serious motorcycle accident. When the road ended, I was forced to travel a road that ended up long and difficult.

On my detour, I was forced to give up control, find hope when hope seemed lost, and live with a new level of uncertainty. The plans I had were shelved and I had to make the daily choice to keep walking with faith into an unknown future.

Detour should be shared, read out loud, and discussed, chapter by chapter. I have never read a more enlightening journal of desperation becoming inspiration! Well done Cam!  — Ross Campbell, Co-author of Leaving a Legacy

Who This Book is For

This book is for you if:

  • You find yourself on a detour right now
  • You have been on a detour but are still working through the impact it had on you
  • You know a detour is in your future and would like to prepare
  • You are walking with someone on a detour and could use some support

My desire is that this book will shoot encouragement into your veins. I tell my story but I also provide practical advice you can apply to any situation.

Detour is a book that came out of the fires of affliction – and did not cascade down from the ivory towers of tranquility.

I found the content of Detour very applicable to my life. The challenges I face personally (dealing with mentally challenged children) are completely different from the challenges Cam faced, yet so much of what he says speaks directly to my situation. I found myself saying, “I’ve got to get so-and-so to read this book! It will help them with the surprise detour their life has taken.” In my work, I’ve noticed that the number one reason people get angry with God or become stuck spiritually and emotionally is because they haven’t learned to embrace the detours in their lives. Detour was a very profitable read! — Terry Clyne, Pastor

The credibility of Detour

This book was lived before it was written. Everything I talk about in Detour has been tested in the crucible of real life experience. I don’t know your story but I believe the principles I lived and write about will help you on your unique journey.

Are you facing debilitating circumstances, physical challenges, or psychological, emotional, or spiritual paralysis? Are you simply lacking relational support? If so, Cam Taylor is a sojourner you’ll be grateful to have met. You’ll appreciate his candor and his example of resilience and tenacity. Whatever your situation, Detour offers a rich treasury of perspective-altering guidelines and soul-searching questions. This eagerly awaited book is a must read!  — Lisa Elliott , Author, The Ben Ripple

I read Detour with pen in hand, gathering valuable nuggets of truth from beginning to end! Cam’s telling of his journey is inspiring on it’s own, but the lessons he learned and documented along the way are a treasure of value to anyone facing, in the middle of, or preparing for a detour. Cam is a life long learner, plus a man of faith, compassion and a lover of people.  He knows about pain, struggle and loss, and has found his way out of the depths. Detour is a must read and is along with the journal, a valuable resource. Well done! — Beth Rawn

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When the road I was traveling on ended because of a Detour Bookserious motorcycle accident, I used journaling as an important structure to process what was going on in my life. As a way to support you on your detour, I’ve created a companion resource.

The Detour Journal includes daily inspirational quotes, journal prompts to give you ideas when journaling, and resources for further learning.

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