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Secrets to Nelson Mandela Surviving 27 Year in Prison

The world mourns the loss of Nelson Mandela at the age of 95. He lived his life for others and from an early age, entered the fight for freedom and equality to come to his nation. Mandela has been a leader and example for me as I’ve been learning to navigate my own adversity. Studying […]

6 Ways to Boost Your Survivability

Survivability – n The ability to remain alive or continue to exist The capability of a person or system to fulfill its mission in the presence of threats, failures or accidents Survivability is more than staying alive physically during or after an experience of failure, calamity, injury, hurt or loss. It is also about being […]

A Donkey and a Powerful Lesson

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in situations unplanned, dark and without hope. We feel a lot like one particular donkey who found himself down in his circumstances and fighting for his life. How he responded to his despair and hopelessness is a lesson worth pondering. The Donkey’s Choice One day a farmer’s donkey fell […]

A Goat and a Bull

Today I share two stories intended to bring a smile to your face and a lesson for life. Keep in mind as you read these stories, thankful people are proven to be happier, less depressed, more satisfied with life and enjoy healthier relationships. A story of a man and his goat There lived a man […]

The Lincoln School of Adversity

Abraham Lincoln stands head and shoulders above the crowd as an example of someone who endured in the face of adversity. The movie “Lincoln” was a great reminder of his struggle and triumph as he faced incredible odds. There are three qualities I admire as I think about the life he lived and the legacy […]

Things Are Not Always as They Appear

When trouble rocks our world, our first response is often disappointment, anger and frustration. We might even feel like God is cursing or punishing us for some reason.  The thought often farthest from our mind is to say a prayer of thanks for this blessing! In life, things are not always as they appear.  The […]

How Embracing Adversity Changes Everything

When you are faced with adversity and trouble, what is your response?  Dance around it? Dance through it & fast? Dance with it?  How you choose to dance, changes everything! When I woke up two days after my motorcycle accident I was a mess.  My bones were broken, my body was bruised and I was […]

The Stockdale Paradox

Have you ever found yourself trying to remain optimistic while at the same time feeling  swamped by a wave of trouble so high you don’t know where to turn?  You may be ready to embrace the Stockdale Paradox. The story is told of Admiral Jim Stockdale who survived an eight-year imprisonment from 1965 to 1953 […]