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Optimism – GIYC part 3

The third quality you need to have GIYC (grit in your craw), is optimism. Without it, you give up more easily, are difficult to be around, and miss out on all that life has to offer. This is the third quality of the eight required to digest the tough stuff life throws at us. The […]

The Toddler Mind – Failing Forward

One of the areas where I scrape my knees and bang my head is around failure. The way I’m defining failure is simple: “the inability to meet an expectation.” Why can failure be such an emotionally devastating reality? Why do we say “I’m a failure!” when it’s more accurate to say “I failed!” The greatest […]


In 1904, the cleaning agent VIM first appeared on the scene. 109 years later it’s still a leading cleanser of choice because it works! VIM lives up to its name – coming from the Latin word vis or vim meaning “force” or “vigor.” VIM transforms a mess into a place of beauty! Life can get […]

A Powerful Key to Healing

Built into your being is a physical mechanism intended to bring relief and inner healing. This mechanism scares a lot of people and is often avoided like the plague. The mechanism is those tears that flow from deep within. Tears have been my friend during this recovery journey. At critical points along the way I […]

Surgery is a Team Sport

Last week I received news of the strong likelihood of another surgery – surgery number nine. What I thought would be day surgery to release my knee so it will bend past 90 degrees was inaccurate. The release my surgeon will perform is a complicated procedure involving re-entry into my rebuilt leg and pulling apart […]

Physiotherapy and Expectations

This week I stood in the hall of the Physiotherapy clinic I frequent approximately three times a week and found myself doing a little show and tell.  My Physiotherapist was explaining my situation to a colleague and we were taking a look at the scar on the top of my upper leg. The scar looks […]

Avoid Becoming Passion’s Slave

One quality admired in people is a sense of self-mastery – the ability to withstand the emotional storms that blow into our lives.  The contrast to self-mastery in the words of Hamlet is becoming “passion’s slave.”  If our passions run our lives, we are taken out of the driver’s seat and left to blow any […]

The Tasks of Grief

Grief drives men into habits of serious reflection, sharpens the understanding, and softens the heart (John Adams).  Part of learning to dance with adversity and find hope in painful circumstances is to have a framework to help you deal with the losses that come into our lives (whether they be as traumatic as a death […]

Grown Men Do Cry

There’s a Jewish saying that goes: What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul.  Have tears been like soap in your life? During this season of recovery, tears have been my friend.  They have been a release valve for pent up frustration, a way to cope with physical pain, a natural response […]