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A Donkey and a Powerful Lesson

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in situations unplanned, dark and without hope. We feel a lot like one particular donkey who found himself down in his circumstances and fighting for his life. How he responded to his despair and hopelessness is a lesson worth pondering. The Donkey’s Choice One day a farmer’s donkey fell […]

The Power of Talking to Yourself

There’s a difference between talking to yourself and listening to yourself. It’s the difference between anxiety and confusion compared to perspective and traction. You’re not crazy if you talk to yourself. It’s a practice many people find helpful – including me. It helps me see more clearly what’s really going on. When listening to yourself […]

The Toddler Mind – Failing Forward

One of the areas where I scrape my knees and bang my head is around failure. The way I’m defining failure is simple: “the inability to meet an expectation.” Why can failure be such an emotionally devastating reality? Why do we say “I’m a failure!” when it’s more accurate to say “I failed!” The greatest […]

The Mark Twain School of Motivation

What gets you up in the morning and keeps you going? How do you stay motivated to do the things that matter even when you don’t feel like it? What motivates you to stay engaged when the pressures on to slow down to a crawl? motivation – n [moh-tuh–vey-shuhn] desire to do interest or drive […]

From a Mother’s Perspective

Note: This is a guest post written by my mom Joan Taylor. She is one of my biggest fans and has been a great source of support and encouragement throughout this journey of injury and recovery. She is retired and lives in Courtice, Ontario with my dad. —————————————————————————————— It was 10:30 PM, the night before […]

A Glimpse at New Normal

This week I saw from a distance my new normal and I was not impressed! Maybe it has happened to you. You look into the future and are shocked by what you see coming. The moment I saw this new normal was during my latest hospital visit. This visit was for surgery number eight where […]

Five Ways to Deal Doggedly With Worry

wor·ry   [wur-ee, wuhr-ee] To feel uneasy or concerned about something; be troubled. To disturb the peace of mind of. To proceed doggedly in the face of difficulty or hardship; struggle. To seize with the teeth and shake or tug at repeatedly. If you’re like me, I was surprised by definition 3 and 4. In my mind, […]