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One Game Changer You Can Do While Waiting

What are you waiting for? A situation or person to change? A transition to end? A recovery to be over? Your grieving journey to arrive at acceptance? My guess is you’re waiting for something! That’s why I created this short video to help you find a way to be with your waiting.  Before you watch […]

Change Quotes to Fuel Your Growth I

If change is my idea, I’m all over it but if change is forced on me by someone else, I resist it like there’s no tomorrow. The truth is — change is the pathway to growth. As you consider the changes you’ve made, are currently making, or would like to make, let these thoughts inspire […]

Five Life Lessons in Response to Saying Goodbye

I said good bye to my surgeon this week. The good bye brought a mix of emotions — sadness, gratitude, relief, and peace. Dr Viskontas has been my surgeon since September, 2011. He operated seven times (7 out of 10) with the last surgery performed three weeks ago to remove hardware from my shoulder. He was […]

Resilience – GIYC part 6

Resilience comes from an old Latin word meaning “to spring back” or “rebound.” Resilience is also the “ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy.” Birds need resilience in the form of grit in their craw if they hope to digest the food they eat. You need GIYC* (grit in your […]

Tenacity – GIYC part 2

Without GIYC (grit in your craw), you are unable to digest life’s challenges. With GIYC, you rise every time you fall, keep going when tempted to quit, and maintain hope when circumstances overwhelm. In this post, we look at GIYC quality #2 — tenacity. The eight qualities (as described by Robert Luckadoo*) are diligence, tenacity, […]

The Mindset You Can’t Live Without

One of the supporting walls needed when rebuilding your life after a major setback, injury, or reversal is a proper mindset. The right mindset makes the journey back promising – the wrong mindset, makes the journey back dreadful. “You are what you are and where you are because of what has gone into your mind. […]

Six Proven Ways to Regain Momentum

Momentum is your friend. If you have it, be grateful. If you’ve lost it, be intentional and get it back. No one said regaining momentum was easy but there is a pathway for getting it back. mo•men•tum – noun the strength or force that something has when it is moving the strength or force that […]

Love What You Have

Your concern is not so much to have what you love anymore, but to love what you have – right now. — Richard Rohr Two things have been happening in my life simultaneously. On the one hand, I’ve been embracing the second half of life while on the other hand, going through a prolonged season […]

Mining the Gap

There’s a gift we give ourselves and those around us when facing stress, problems or disagreement. The gift is called the gap. The gap is a space created – a moment in time – carved out on the heels of an event that causes a disturbance. If we simply react without thinking to the disturbance, often harm […]

Metaphors to Keep You in Flight

Metaphors are like an old friend.  They are easy to be around plus they help transport us from the familiar surroundings of our current world to the unfamiliar reality of a new world.  In that new world are buried untapped resources awaiting discovery. Practically, metaphors tap into right brain activity – the emotional and experiential […]