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Three Easy Steps to Living on Purpose Today

Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose. — Viktor Frankl

There once was a rabbi living in a Russian city many years ago. Disappointed by his lack of direction and life purpose, he wandered out into the chilly evening.

With his hands deep into his pockets, he aimlessly walked through the empty streets, questioning his faith, the Word of God, and even the work he had been called to do of guiding people in their spiritual lives. The only thing colder than the Russian winter air was the chill within his own soul.mountain-purposemountain-purpose

He was so wrapped up in his own despair that he mistakenly wandered into a Russian military compound that was off-limits to civilians. He was in for a rude awakening.

The silence of the evening chill was shattered by the bark of a Russian soldier. “Who are you? And what are you doing here?”

“Excuse me?” replied the Rabbi who was startled by his loud voice.

“I said, ‘Who are you and what are you doing here?!’” barked the soldier even louder this time.

After a brief moment of both fear and silence, the rabbi gathered himself and in a gracious tone so as not to provoke the soldier, said, “How much do you get paid every day?”

To which the soldier barked back, “Excuse me? That’s none of your business. Get out!”

With some delight, as though he had just made an incredible discovery, the rabbi said, “No, wait a minute. I’m about to make you an offer you can’t refuse. Here’s what I’ll do — I will pay you the same amount of money you are paid now if you will ask me those same two questions every day — ‘Who are you? What are you doing here?’”

Your 3 Steps Process to Living on Purpose Today

Here’s a ten minute exercise to help you live with greater purpose and have more impact today. What will keep you moving forward in life and give you a greater sense of meaning and purpose is not to climb the grand mountains of life (as nice as those may be) but to find little actions you can take that will create ripples in water and lead to purpose-filled living.

Step 1 — Find a quiet spot and with a pen and paper in hand, prepare to write. As you sit down, take a moment to exhale the problems and concerns that weigh you down so you make room for what’s next.

Step 2 — Look over the list of words I’ve included below with the purpose of picking one “being” word that answers the question, “Who am I?” Then write it down and commit to living that word out all day. These words are not doing words because doing more does not answer “Who am I?” To simply say, “I will go to work, make money, plan your day, go for a run” doesn’t answer “Who am I?”

Your BEING word list: Understanding, Generous, Compassionate, Reliable, Present, Helpful, Fun, Special, A Friend, Satisfied, Light Hearted, Patient, Forgiving, Trusting God, Caring, Accountable, Spiritual, Cooperative, Peaceful.

Example: I will be understanding. I will be a friend. I will be forgiving. I will be cooperative. I will be [you add yours].

Step 3 — With your word written down, think about the actions you will take to put that word into practice. Write that action down and once you have it, you have answered, at least for today, the second question which is “What are you doing here?”

Example: I will be understanding. Action: When talking to others (family, friends, colleagues) I will pause after they speak to make sure I understand what they are saying before jumping in.

Now go and live on purpose!

People do not wander around and then find themselves at the top of Mount Everest. — Zig Ziglar

What word will you adopt as your being word you’ll turn into action today?

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  1. Glenn stare

    Cam, could you give me a phone call, 604-756-0555. I live across from the Abbotsford Regional Hospital, in the Co-op housing complex. We attend Abbotsford Evangelical Free Church. I have decided to follow Jesus. Accepted HIM when I was in my 30 ‘s been that way ever since. Wife and will have been married 54 years April 14th, 2016, LORD willing. This is not a boasting or prideful thing just giving thanks to GOD! We have four sons/all who are serving the LORD. Please let’s talk over a cup of coffee. The pot is always on in the bat of an eye. Our small group is working through the book The Purpose Driven Life (on week 28). This is just a snapshot of where I am at the moment. I believe that I should be a Barnabas (Son Of Encouragement) here in the City of Abbotsford (and into the whole world) as and whenever possible!

    Let’s talk further as your schedule may permit.

  2. Terry

    Thanks for this, Cam. I think an exercise like this is especially good for us guys that have been at it for a long time. In time I tend to get focused on the doing and the results and the numbers, etc. and soon you start feeling empty.

    1. Thanks Terry – I agree that we “old” guys get in ruts and are in need of upgrades periodically.

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