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My Linchpin Manifesto

I want to thank Seth Godin for his inspiration and encouragement to write my Linchpin Manifesto. Here is the one he wrote with permission to pass along to others. I encourage you to write your own.


NOW is the time to STEP UP.

I am an artist. • I take initiative • I am on a mission, not just doing a job. • I welcome “no” because it leads to “yes.” • I am a Linchpin. I am someone who serves by holding together certain parts that exist as a unit. • If I am required to try something new, I will. • I don’t always have to succeed. If I never fail, I’m playing it too safe. • Mindless work isn’t for me. It needs to matter. • I make things happen. Waiting for things to happen isn’t enough. • Every person I meet is a new opportunity to connect. • The past is gone and holds no power over me. The future is bright and full of promise. • I possess God-given talents and have a contribution only I can make. • What matters is not what happens to me – but how I respond. • I lean into my work, not away from it. Doing what’s easy falls short. • Leaving one’s comfort zone is essential to walk on water. • Energy and courage are contagious. The more I give, the more I receive. • I don’t have to always be right. I do have to always be learning. • I will raise the bar today. Yesterday’s lessons are the foundation for today’s test. • I will not settle for status quo longer than necessary. • Who gets the credit is not important. Matching my walk with my talk is. • I embrace uncertainty in order to find a new path. • I lead with love and follow with grace. • Life matters. God exists.

• GO. Make a difference.

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