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Bonus Materials

Welcome to the bonuses that are yours because you purchased the book or journal. These extra pdfs and videos will give you a kick start as you prepare to read the book or as you go deeper in your own growth and learning whether you’re on a detour or not.

Bonus #1: Downloadable reflection questions from the end of each chapter

Downloadable Detour reflection questions

Bonus #2: A copy of the Detour Journal as a fill-able PDF

Detour Journal as a fill-able PDF document

Bonus #3: Video Series to help guide you on your detour journey

Video 1 – Why I Wrote the Book

Video 2 – An Overview of Detour

Video 3 – Part 1: The Road Ends

Video 4 – Part 2: The Detour

Video 5 – Part 3: The Road Begins Again

Video 6 – The value of using the companion Detour Journal notebook

Video 7 – Bounce Forward [inspiration for your journey]

Thanks for watching the videos. I hope you enjoy the book and find it helpful for your journey or someone you care about.

Bonus #4: Join my 7-day email course called “7 Habits of Highly Resilient People.”

7 Habits of Highly Resilient People course [enter your email to begin receiving the course] 

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