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Infocus Publishing began in June of 2016 by Cam Taylor. It publishes paperback, hardcover, and ebooks in various genres. It was created to serve the needs of Cam’s family but has since expanded to help other authors wanting to get their message out to the world.

Infocus Publishing

Infocus Publishing provides a variety of support including layout, obtaining an ISBN number, ebook conversion, simple cover design, and marketing support. If an author has an edited manuscript ready to be published either in paperback or as an ebook, Cam and his team can help.

Books Published

The books published include the following:

My Life in a Fish Bowl: A Memoir of a Pastor’s Daughter and a Pastor’s Wife
by Joan Taylor

Infocus Publishing

Joan describes the book this way: I was born in a church. Furthermore, I spent all my growing-up years in a house provided by the church as a preacher’s daughter. I married a pastor so spent many of my adult years in parsonages as a pastor’s wife. So I feel like I have lived my life in a fish bowl. When I was a child, my mother made me aware that as a preacher’s daughter, I was expected to be an example. As a pastor’s wife, I felt that how I lived my life, how well I took care of the parsonage, and how we raised our children were all under scrutiny. This is my story.

The Great Escape from Nihilism: Rediscovering Our Passion in Late Modernity,
by Gordon Carkner

Infocus Publishing

This book is about a journey: out of the confines of nihilism into the heart of meaning. It presses the question: Does nihilism have the last word? The book addresses a contemporary crisis of faith, a crisis of identity, and a sense of lostness in late modernity. Our companions on the journey are a fine, seasoned group of writers, poets, social reformers, scientists, scholars and public intellectuals. The Great Escape from Nihilism is about a courageous and somewhat dangerous journey, but ultimately it is a path towards hopeful alternatives to the forces that weigh down our spirits, and the tensions that divide us. We must decide whether the quest to escape outweighs the risks. Our journey involves the quest for the Holy Grail of human flourishing, the deeper life, the thick self. Dr. Carkner provides wise and persuasive suggestions of ways forward in navigating the landscape of late modernity.

A Window Into Heaven: Quantum Physics and Biblical Mystery
by Mercedes Moffat

Infocus Publishing

A long-term private study of quantum physics led to the understanding of how one might synthesize aspects of elementary particles and Biblical mystery if the foundation of life, as found in quantum physics, were considered.  This book is devoted to explaining and illustrating the following point: The essential fabric, of all that exists as things, is precluded from view by the surfaces of corporeal bodies, and beneath these surfaces we find a world of dynamic energies.

Hormones Gone Haywire! PMS, Menopause, and Depression
by Bonnie Hallett

Many books discuss the science behind the normal bio-chemical changes in a woman’s body. This book, however, looks at the things that can and do go wrong with hormones that throw off a woman’s balance physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Hormones Gone Haywire! discusses the plethora of debilitating symptoms that can ruin a woman’s quality of life and leave her feeling frightened and weak. Hormones Gone Haywire! offers straight-forward, practical, life-balancing principles for women whose experience is anything but natural and normal. It encourages women not to settle into weakness but to seek God’s guidance to reclaim health and a life of greater balance.

Hope Dwells From That Place to This Space: A Poetry and Art Book
by Sandy Geddes

Infocus Publishing

Hope Dwells: From this Place to That Space is an art and poetry book that grew out of Sandy’s journey of reflection and struggle. She was seeing God at work and hearing him speak. The individual paintings were created after writing the poem, during a season of struggle and growth. It made perfect sense that the poem on hope required artwork created through times of overcoming. This is Sandy’s first book, another beginning. The struggle is real but so is the joy! Sandy is determined to finish well by God’s grace and mercy. It is a full color book to be experienced, not just read.