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Cindy Tipton’s Celebration of Life

Cindy Tipton

Cindy Tipton – March 17, 1974 – January 9, 2017

Remembering Cindy Tipton

On January 21st, I had the honor of leading a Celebration of Life service for Cindy Tipton, a dear friend of ours, who passed away at the age of 42 after a long battle with ovarian cancer.

As I reflected on her life, I went back to 1994 when I first met her and her husband James.  They arrived at the first service of Mountain Ridge Church – the church we helped re-plant in Abbotsford. James and Cindy arrived that day with their son Jordon, and brother Matthew on the way. Cindy was not a believer when she arrived that day, but it wasn’t long before she accepted Christ and began her discipleship journey.

Since those early days, we’ve walked together through the highs and lows of life and ministry. We shared much together as part of the same church, where they became leaders and served the Lord faithfully. Then, when I left local church ministry in 2006, we remained close family friends.

When we had our storms, they were there to walk with us every step of the way. When Cindy developed cancer 4 1/2 years ago, we walked by their side and hurt with them. At the Celebration of Life, Cindy asked me to make sure I told people about God’s love and the difference it had made in her life.

As best as I could, I gave people a glimpse of the person Cindy truly was – a person of faith, peace, purpose, love, and hope right to the end. She found purpose in her suffering and shone as a bright light to all those around her.  If you want to listen to my overview of the most important part of her life, her faith, here it is.  The text version is here: Celebration of Life for Cindy Tipton Jan 21 2017.

Cindy prayed and believed God for healing but when it became clear that God wasn’t going to heal her here on earth, she trusted the Lord and with 150% peace (as she put it) was moved into hospice where she spent the last few days on earth.

There were many wonderful tributes and words spoken about Cindy at her Celebration of Life. I don’t have most of them here but I did want to share the poem her dad Monty wrote in her memory.

Poem by Monty Raine (Cindy’s Dad)

As if time has been stolen by a devious thief
Cindy’s existence became all too brief.
But she gave love and joy and showed her worth,
Received many blessings since her birth.

And what of the survivors who are left behind
So many burdened and feeling resigned?
Yes, how difficult it is to bare heartache and sorrow
But relief can arrive with each new tomorrow.

To help allay our fret and fear
We picture Cindy in memories dear.
Although we are absent from her loving ways
Her spirit now shines in sacred rays.

From her new realm she continues good deeds
Trying to guide loved ones during their needs.
Our connection with Cindy will forever remain
Until our souls merge once again.

Cindy’s Eulogy can be found here.

A song that was printed on the hand out at the service was a powerful example of the faith and trust Cindy had in her Lord. I’ve listened to it a few times as a reminder of how we must ultimately live our lives with a total trust in God regardless of the disappointments and difficulties that come.

Trust in You – Lauren Daigle