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How to Turn Limiting Beliefs into Empowering Truths

Limiting beliefs sap our energy and keep us from being our best selves.

They come in all shapes and sizes but when boiled down are any beliefs we hold on to that create a barrier to positive and forward moving action.

I just went through a goal setting process for 2018. Step one in the process I used this year was to start by looking at my limiting beliefs and find an empowering truth as the belief I’ll stand on instead.

Three steps to quiet the noise of limiting beliefs inside your head

Step one – Identify your limiting beliefs

Where do you find them? By looking at where you’re stuck. By reflecting on your failures and perceived limitations. By researching what others would say are their limiting beliefs (you are not alone).

I came up with five limiting beliefs. The first one reads: “I don’t have enough time to get everything done.”

There’s a kernel of truth in that belief but it’s not the whole story and it doesn’t help me feel alive and ready to take on the challenges I face.

Step two – Re-frame limiting beliefs as empowering truths

An empowering truth is not the opposite of a limiting belief but a statement you can build on. It’s a launching pad for goal setting and taking action. It should also resonate with your core values.

I came up with five empowering truths. The first one (in response to my earlier limiting belief) read: “With proper goal setting and focused action, I can get the important things done in the time that I have.”

Step three – Set goals and take action

With an awareness of your limiting beliefs and the re-framing of those beliefs with empowering truths, you’re ready to set your goals and take action toward their achievement. More detail on how to do that will come next week.

Now take action

What are five limiting beliefs holding you back?
What are five empowering truths you can stand on? 

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