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One Key Factor to Keep Your Attitude Pointing Upward

One of the gauges on an airplane is the attitude indicator. It measures the direction of the ground compared to the nose of the airplane.

If the nose is pointed towards the ground, it’s a bad attitude — if the nose is pointed to the sky, it’s a good attitude. What is true for the pilot is also true for us. It was Zig Ziglar who said,  

Your attitude, not your aptitude will determine your altitude.

In this week’s video, I tell the story of a time during my three year motorcycle accident recovery journey when my surgeon’s words sent me into a nose dive. What I did to turn my attitude around was critical to keep me growing and moving forward during a very challenging time.  

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I wrote a blog post you might also find helpful called Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude. Leave me a comment and tell me your attitude turn around story.

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