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One Game Changer You Can Do While Waiting

What are you waiting for? A situation or person to change? A transition to end? A recovery to be over? Your grieving journey to arrive at acceptance?

My guess is you’re waiting for something! That’s why I created this short video to help you find a way to be with your waiting. 

Before you watch the video, remember in your waiting…

“If you don’t like how things look, change the way you look at them.” — Author Unknown

For more videos, go to The Detour Journey.

I wrote a blog post a few years back called Waiting when I was struggling in my waiting. If that’s you, you might find some hope and inspiration by reading it.

To get the complete road map to help you in your waiting, order Detour where books are,, Chapters, or my site.

If you’re not ready to buy, download an excerpt of the book for free here.

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  1. Nna Emmanuel

    Send me this study on one game changer

    1. There is no study but I would recommend you read another article I wrote on waiting to get some ideas.

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