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Three Secrets on How to Turn Intentions into Reality

Statistics say, of those who make resolutions and New Year’s goals, only 8% reach them. You might be saying, “Why bother even setting goals since the chances of reaching them are so abysmal.” Good question.

What’s the problem?

The problem, in my experience and opinion, is that people see an area they want to change but they do not build in the supportive structure to make their intention a reality. A plan without a process is a problem.

What’s the secret to getting to where you want to go? There are three hooks I’ve learned to hang my hopes on for goal achievement. When I work this process, I see progress. When I don’t, I join the 92% who fail to reach their goals.

The Three Secrets for Goal Achievement

Secret #1: Have a theme to anchor your life

Picking a theme for your year is a process I’ve been using for four years now. It’s called the ONEWORD process. It’s the process of finding that ONEWORD that summarizes who and what you want to be in the coming year. It’s not a goal but rather a guide — a light that shines on your life and journey. That ONEWORD motivates, reminds, directs, and pushes you forward.

The process starts by getting quiet and asking yourself three questions (and writing down the answers).

  • What do I need?
  • What’s in my way?
  • What needs to go?

Next, with that information before you, look it over and let your ONEWORD lift off the page. Think about where you’d like to go and what you’ll need to get there Think about your values and opportunities, gifts and challenges, and see what emerges.

My ONEWORD for 2015 was “believe.” It gave me direction and reminded me to believe in myself, God and other people as I climbed the hill of kick-starting my work after 3 ½ years of recovery. The word worked!

But ONEWORD is not enough.

Secret #2: Write down 5 or 6 Goals for the Year

Big ideas are great (your ONEWORD), but you also need clarity about what you want to achieve in measureable, attainable, time bound language. There are lots of great programs out there to do this and I’ve tried many.

Link your goals to your values, your vision, your ONEWORD, your strengths and opportunities. Think through and have goals for the various areas of your life — your work life, your family life, your recreational life, your spiritual life, your educational life, etc.).

But having goals isn’t enough.

Secret #3: Focus on the behaviors and daily activities needed to move you towards your goals.

I’m convinced that having a goal without a daily plan of action means NOTHING. If you only focus on your goals, you’ll get no where. If you decide to loose 50 pounds declare a goal with out a daily activity plan, you’ll quit.

You need to focus on the activities and behaviors you can control that will get you to your destination.

I set a goal in 2015 to have a certain number of clients by the end of the year. What I learned part way through the year was I wasn’t making much progress. Why? Because I wasn’t practicing the necessary behaviors to get to my goal. I adjusted my activity so I was having 15-20 with quality conversations with prospective clients each week and looking back, now am enjoying more clients to work with.

Watch this humorous and helpful TED talk for more on this.


Find your ONEWORD for 2016.
Find your 5-6 goals for 2016.
Focus on the daily and weekly behaviors and activities that will get you there.

What has been the key factors in achieving your goals?

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